January 14, 2011

Mandriva Pulse 2 Version 1.3.0

Mandriva announces the release Mandriva Pulse 2 version 1.3.0 which had been in beta since March 2010.
Mandriva Pulse 2 is a solution for the management of workstations, mobile computers and servers, designed to help users manage their information systems, notably in heterogenous environments.

Mandriva Pulse 2 maintains a software and hardware inventory of each computer in its database, deploys and updates applications and has diagnostic facilities with a remote control module. Mandriva Pulse 2 includes a set of tools that automates the management of workstations, mobile computers and servers, whatever the operating system, while reducing information system administration and management costs.

In a nutshell, Mandriva Pulse 2 will:
- Supervise large scale and/or small, satellite facilities through the use of a single web interface console;
- Create and deploy hard disk images of computers (new imaging module);
- Deploy new software and security updates on all IT assets;
- Perform software and hardware inventory;
- Do remote diagnostics and remote management.

More informations at : http://www.mandriva.com/enterprise/en/products/pulse

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