May 19, 2006

Mandriva Releases Easiest Desktop Yet!

Anonymous Reader writes "Switching to Linux just got easier with Mandrake One and Kiosk!

With Mandriva One, the full-featured Live + Install Mandriva Linux system held on one CD, and the Kiosk software installation service, you're one click away from freedom.

Mandriva One is a full-featured Mandriva Linux system, ready for your office, internet and entertainment needs.

It's a Live CD, so you can simply load it onto your CD or DVD drive to test it, without actually modifying anything on your system! You can safely try your Mandriva Linux system, enjoying best-in-class applications like Firefox,, the Amarok media player.

Mandriva Kiosk provides a web-based catalog of the best Open Source software, selected, bundled and tested by the Mandriva team.

More information is available on the Mandrake webpage:"


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