September 10, 2012

Mandriva Releases Mandriva Class, the real-time Education Solution

Mandriva S.A has released Mandriva Class, the real time Education platform for teachers and students. Mandriva Class is a platform that lets teachers and students interact in a virtual classroom. Mandriva Class marks the come-back of Mandriva in the field of solutions for the education.

Easy to use, Mandriva Class comes with an intuitive interface that lets students and teachers collaborate, share content and screens in real time. The set-up of virtual classrooms can be done in just a few clicks by the teacher.

Mandriva Class is one of the most affordable e-learning platforms on the market. It is available in two editions, one for the teacher and another one for the students. “With Mandriva Class we are opening new opportunities for hundreds of thousands of students worldwide who cannot always attend courses physically. Mandriva Class bridges the distance between the teacher and the students and delivers the features you want for the education you need” says Marcos Polidoro, head of Mandriva’s Education Center.

Building on a strong technological platform and years of experience in the field of digital education solutions, Mandriva Class provides a professional platform for education with minimum requirements at the right price. Contact
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and see why Mandriva Class is right for you.

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