March 27, 2013

Mandriva S.A. Releases Pulse2 1.4.1, Expands its Reach and Features

Paris, the 27th of March 2013: Mandriva S.A. has released the  version 1.4.1 of Pulse2, its leading I.T. infrastructure management software. This new version contains both various bugfixes and a number of new features. Chiefly among them, Pulse2 now fully integrates the detailed inventory of GLPI in its own interface; imaging can now be done for groups and a number of improvements for package creation and deployment analysis have been added.

Pulse2 1.4.1 builds upon the solid foundation laid down by the previous release in 2013 that had introduced new components and a host of new  features for Pulse. This new generation now provides a compelling value proposition for organization that are looking to address their diverse and often complex I.T. infrastructure. âOne of Pulseâs unique key benefits lies in its ability to  deal with heterogenous infrastructure and very different tasks. Itâs not just about inventory and imaging: itâs also about software, hardware and resources managementâ, explains Stéphane Pointu, Pulse Cluster manager. âThis release does highlight our continued efforts to develop and strengthen our enterprise solutions portfolio. â Mr Pointu  adds.

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