March 7, 2006

MandrivaClub, ViaContext and LibreSource win ObjectWeb 2006 awards

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "MandrivaClub, ViaContext and LibreSource win ObjectWeb 2006 awards.

  Paris 6 March 2006 - ObjectWeb, in partnership with Bull, has awarded its 2006 Best Use Cases prizes for ObjectWeb software to MandrivaClub, ViaContext and LibreSource. The three winners were voted for by members of the ObjectWeb consortium user community, from amongst the eight nominees in three categories. The 2006 awards were sponsored by Bull, a co-founder of the ObjectWeb consortium.

  "Every year, the ObjectWeb awards recognize some of the most innovative projects from among the thousands of applications developed worldwide using ObjectWeb middleware," said Jean-Pierre Laisné, Chairman of the ObjectWeb consortium. "As in previous years, the quality of all the projects nominated in 2006 demonstrates just how far ObjectWeb software can now enable all kinds of organizations to build open, innovative applications, based on the very latest technologies and well suited to intensive use by tens of thousands of users."

  The projects were nominated in three categories:

  Enterprise Java category: production use of ObjectWeb enterprise Java components and platforms
  This Award was won by MandrivaClub from among the three nominees in this category: Mandriva Club, based on xWiki software; LibreSource, based on JOnAS and Bonita middleware; and the workflow application developed by Akbank, based on Shark and JaWE software.

  MadrivaClub is an on-line new-generation information exchange platform offering opportunities to share experiences (blogs, forum multi-lingual facilities, etc.) to the 25,000 members of the Mandriva community who want to share their experiences with Linux and Open Source. Since Summer 2005, the Club has been relying entirely upon the XWiki Content Management System from ObjectWeb. "Using xWiki, Mandriva Club has developed an extremely powerful shared site, which attracts a large community of users and high hit rates, with over 100,000 pages visited each day," explained Stephane Lauriere of Mandriva. "The ObjectWeb software has enabled us to very quickly and easily develop a site that features advanced Web applications and allows users to get actively involved in the evolution of the content."

  ISV & Integration category: commercial offering or development embedding some ObjectWeb components
  The Award went to ViaContext, from among the three nominees in this category: ViaContext, a knowledge management database built using the Enhydra platform and developed by Etenso Gmbh; Mobile CRM, a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for the PocketPC handheld device, developed by e-Care; and the American military portal Joint Force Command, developed using the eXo Platform portal engine.

  ViaContext is an XML knowledge-management platform, which actively involves the user by providing custom views on the content. Documents and content from existing archives can be combined with personal content and comments, and explored collaboratively. ViaContext uses Enhydra/JOnAS software from ObjectWeb. "Using Enhydra, Etenso has succeeded in considerably reducing both development costs and timescales, in comparison to a traditional JSP approach," explains Ulf Pietruschka from Etenso Gmbh. "The highly advanced and efficient XML management provided by Enhydra is also a major advantage."

  Jury's Special Prize: for any kind of use of ObjectWeb components or platforms
  This was awarded to LibreSource, from among seven projects nominated in this category: ViaContext, Mobile CRM, MandrivaClub, AkBank's workflow application, the Joint Force Command portal, and finally the Grid computing world record achieved by INRIA, I3S CNRS and the University of Nice using ProActive grid technology.

  LibreSource is a software platform dedicated to software development and management of distributed communities. Libre Source offers a shared, virtual environment which enables geographically spread teams to work simultaneously on common software projects. LibreSource is a project developed as part of the RNTL (National Software Technologies Network) program in France, in partnership with Artenum, INRIA (the French National Insitute for Research in Computer Science and Control) in Lorraine, and the Universities of Paris 7, Nancy 1 and Nancy 2.
  "LibreSource definitely provides one of the most comprehensive J2EE and JOnAS applications in an operational contex," said Julien Forest of Artenum. "Using the ObjectWeb technology ensured that we have a very robust platform which has been used for a year now in high-technology projects such as the SPINE/SPIS program for ESA (the European Space Agency), the CNES (French National Center for Space Studies) and ONERA (the French National Office for Aerospace Studies and Research)."

  As in 2005, the ObjectWeb 2006 awards were sponsored and judged in collaboration with Bull.
  "As one of the co-founders of ObjectWeb and a contributor to its pioneering projects, we are delighted to see the global success of components developed by ObjectWeb, as the quality of the projects nominated for these Awards clearly demonstrates," said Boris Auche, Director of Open Source Development Activities at Bull Services and a member of the ObjectWeb Executive Committee. "Today, Open Source is proving a very pragmatic way for companies to access robust software resources so they can build innovative applications in the most demanding environments, and develop their businesses as a result. As 'Architect of an Open World' and a contributor to major Open Source consortiums such as ObjectWeb, Apache, Eclipse and OSDL, Bull is actively involved in and heavily committed to this evolution. As a manufacturer, software vendor and systems integrator, our aim is to help our customers build open, flexible and secure systems, utilizing the best on offer from the Open Source world, our own NovaScale servers and Open Energy services."

  About ObjectWeb

  Founded in 2002 by Bull, France Telecom R&D and INRIA, ObjectWeb is a global community of industrial and academic partners who pool their efforts to create new-generation Open Source middleware. Its goal is offer organizations software components that enable them to build high-quality and robust business-critical distributed applications delivering optimum price/performance ratios.
  The consortium works to open standards and develops an alternative to proprietary systems in the areas of e-business, enterprise application integration, grid computing and enterprise messaging.
  ObjectWeb provides ready-to-use solutions, offering immediate profitable implementation. Amongst many others, these include the JOnAS Open Source J2EE application server, JORAM JMS-compliant messaging bus and Enhydra Java/XML application server.

  About Bull, Architect of an Open World(tm)
  As one of the leading European IT companies, Bull delivers open, flexible and secure information systems. The group helps public and private sector customers transform their information systems, applying its know-how and expertise in three main areas:
  Capitalizing on its extensive mainframe experience, Bull designs and produces robust, innovative and open servers, based on industry-standard technologies;
  Building on its alliances with leading ISVs and long-standing involvement with Open Source, Bull develops and implements flexible and interoperable application infrastructures which give business processes the freedom to evolve;
  Bringing together recognized expertise in end-to-end IT security, Bull secures data and exchanges that are so critical in preserving customers' business integrity.
  Bull has a particularly strong presence in the public, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and defense sectors. Its distribution network and business partners cover more than 100 countries worldwide.
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