July 30, 2004

Mantaray MQ Beta Released

Amir Shevat writes "We are happy to announce the beta release of the Mantaray MQ project under the GPL license. Mantaray MQ is a pure 100% Java distributed, server-less messaging infrastructure. It supports the JMS API in addition to its own set of proprietary APIs. It is being actively developed by Coridan LTD which has recently decided to go open source. Currently Coridan is employing a few people working full-time o­n the project, we would happily accept feature requests, bug reports, code contributions, or any kind of feedback. Check out the project page o­n sourceforge, and Manta's homepage too.

Mantaray 0.9x highlights:
1. Full JMS 1.1 and 1.02 compliancy â Point-to-point (queue), pub/sub (topic) implementations
2. Serverless, P2P technology â No server is needed to run the message bus, no single point of failure, no single point of congestion
3. Reliability - Persistency & durability
4. Security â Services and transports access list
5. Transactions support - JTA, XA
6. Application servers integration â WebLogic 7, 8.1 and WebSphere 5
7. Transport Protocols â TCP, UDP, HTTP
8. Automatic Discovery â New transport layers and services are automatically discovered using JGroups."

Link: sourceforge.net/projects/mantaray

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