MantaRay version 1.3 released

Amir Shevat writes “MantaRay is a fully distributed peer-to-peer serverless communication and messaging solution, 100% pure Java, supports JMS & RMI APIs, integrates with WebLogic & WebSphere. Provides guaranteed delivery, security, and transactions. Supports TCP, UDP & SSL transports.

This release contains two major features – a new logging mechanism and the infrastructure for a management console.

The new logging mechanism is based on Apache’s commons-logging.
Applications that use the MantaRay layer can now easily configure it to plug in to the application’s logging implementation.
A default log4j implementation is still available. More documentation about this feature can be found in this release documentation.

The management console infrastructure has been added to facilitate the first release of a centralized management console for this distributed messaging toolkit.

More information about MantaRay can be found at MantaRay’s homepage.”