January 18, 2006

MantaRay version 1.9 released

Amir Shevat writes "MantaRay is a distributed, peer-to-peer, server-less communication & messaging solution. MantaRay 1.9 evolved as a result of insightful feedbacks from the growing community of MantaRay users , coupled with major improvements in the simplicity of running and using MantaRay. MantaRay 1.9 significantly increases application interoperability by providing messaging API in three programming languages: JAVA, C++ and C#. As a result, an application written in Java, for example, can seamlessly communicate with an application written in C#.
Additionally, based on an automatic configuration mechanism that dynamically chooses configuration parameters, MantaRay can now be used “out of the box”, requiring no manual set-ups. This release also includes improved performance and memory management and major bug fixes."

Link: sourceforge.net

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