The Many New Features & Improvements of the Linux 5.0 Kernel


Linus Torvalds just released Linux 5.0-rc1, what was formerly known as Linux 4.21 over the past two weeks. While the bumping was rather arbitrary as opposed to a major change necessitating the big version bump, this next version of the Linux kernel does come with some exciting changes and new features (of course, our Twitter followers already have known Linux was thinking of the 5.0 re-brand from 4.21). Here is our original feature overview of the new material to find in this kernel.

The merge window is now closed so we have a firm look at what’s new for this next kernel version. As is standard practice, there will be seven to eight weekly release candidates before Linux 5.0 is officially ready for release around the end of February or early Match. Of the new features for Linux 5.0 below are the highlights from our close monitoring of the Linux kernel mailing list and Git repositories over the holidays. 

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