July 23, 2001

Mape - Modular Application Engine, release 0.1

Author: JT Smith

The Mape Global Development Team is proud to announce first release
of the Modular APplication Engine (MAPE). The goal of this OpenSource
system (licensed GPL/LGPL) is to provide capabilities to write multi-
tier applications in multiple programming languages, use different
GUIs on clients and access multiple database systems.
 Whole applications are stored in MAPE system catalog which is stored
 in a supported SQL database  server.   XML  is  used  for  application 
 description - how the application should look and what it should do. 
 Applications are running on the server,  but  some  parts  can run the 
 client too.

Where the thing can be found - http://mape.jcu.cz.

What can do MAPE now:

   * use PostgreSQL for its system catalog location
   * access PostgreSQL, InterBase, ODBC and DB2 data sources for
     application data
   * use GTK+ as a GUI toolkit on clients
   * write applications as functions in any language that can create a
     shared library
   * write applications as Tcl scripts
   * use SQL queries for retrieving/storing application data

 What you can expect in the future:

   * use more DB servers - Oracle, MySQL, ...
   * use more GUI toolkits - Qt, text-ones, HTML (so you can use your 
     Web browser as a client), ...
   * use more scripting languages for writing applications - Python, 
     Perl, ...
   * client implementation in Java
   * XML-RPC support
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