March 6, 2002

March, 2002 Embedded Linux Journal now online

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes " has published the online version of the March, 2002 edition of the Embedded Linux Journal. As usual, the new issue is filled with interesting and informative articles on embedded Linux technologies and projects, including . . .
  • Embedded Real-Time Linux for Instrument Control and Data Logging
  • RTLinux Application Development Tutorial
  • Quest for PDA Utopia: Qtopia?
  • Real-Time and Linux, Part 2: the Preemptible Kernel
  • Selecting I/O Units
  • User Mode Drivers
  • Running Embedded Linux on SuperH
  • Brian Writes about His BOEL (Brian's Own Embedded Linux)
  • Linux on the Air

It's all online and ready for your reading pleasure, here."


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