March 20, 2001

March 21 panel on copyright, digital media, and the right to private ownership

Author: JT Smith

Jay Sulzberger of LXNY gives us the scoop on tomorrow's meeting:
Subject: Wednesday 21 March 2001 NYNMA: Panel on Copyright, Digital Media,
and the Right to Private Ownership of Computers

Disney, Sony, DoubleClick, RIAA, and the MPAA today demand that private
ownership of computers be outlawed.  Their argument is that the Cartel must
be protected against computer owners running their computers in manners and
modes not approved by the Cartel.  The Cartel's proposed remedy against
such licentious and anarchic use of private property is simple: that after
July 2001 every single new IDE hard drive include one megabyte of spy
firmware, which will oversee all hard disk operations, and communicate
directly with the Ministry of Truth and Infotainment.

Jay Sulzberger 
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

From: Stephen Filler
Subject: [wwwac] March 21 NYC Event on Copyright and Digital Media

An event concerning copyright and digital media is being held March 21 by
The New York New Media Association Digital Content Special Interest Group
and the New York County Lawyers Intellectual Property Committee.

Speakers include:

Martin Garbus, Frankfurt Garbus Kurnit Klein & Selz, PC
Allan Adler, VP Legal and Governmental Affairs, Association of American Publishers
RogerParloff, Legal Editor, Inside

The event will be co-moderated by James Alexander of Mibrary and attorney
Stephen Filler.

Here are the details:

NYNMA's Digital Content Special Interest Group (SIG) in conjunction with
the Intellectual Property Committee of New York County Lawyers Association
(NYCLA) Present:

Rights to Bytes: What control do consumers have over their digital assets
navigating the grey areas of First Sale and Fair Use in an immaterial

Wednesday, March 21, 6:00 7:30 PM

Sony Entertainment, 550 Madison Avenue (between 56th and 57th Streets),
2nd floor

The question is deceptively simple: Do we as consumers have the right to
resell and make fair use of ebooks, mp3s or other digital media we have
legally purchased? After all, we have the right to dispose of our physical
books and cds in any way we see fit, but digital content consumers face new
technologies and contracts that restrict these rights. Why should digital
content have a different set of rules?

This special Panel Event will look at how recent developments in
technology, law and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act may be
restricting consumers' rights in ways never before imagined.

Join NYNMA's Digital Content SIG, NYCLA's Intellectual Property Committee
and a panel of industry leaders for an evening of speculative debate and
lively discussion on this hot topic. This distinctive event will be
moderated by SIG Co-Chair James Alexander of Mibrary and attorney
Stephen Filler from NYCLA's Intellectual Property Committee. Panelists to
be announced.

NYNMA Members - Free
Non-Members - $15
NYCLA Members: Contact Stephen Filler at

The last NYNMA Digital Content SIG event was sold out. RSVP today! To
reserve your seat, visit the NYNMA Events Homepage at

For more information about this SIG, please visit the Special Interest
Group web page on

For information on sponsorship opportunities for future events, please
email Rob Valencia, at

Stephen Filler
Attorney at Law
111 Broadway 13th Floor
New York, NY 10006

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