March 11, 2004

March LTP Release

Marty Ridgeway writes "The Linux Test Project test suite> has
been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2100+ tests
for the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as:
test results, a Linux test tools matrix, technical papers and HowTos on
Linux testing, and a code coverage analysis tool.

Developers from the Linux Test Project co-authored the whitepaper,
"Putting Linux Reliability to the Test". This article documents the
test results and analysis of the Linux kernel and other core OS
components, including everything from libraries and device drivers to
file systems and networking, all under some fairly adverse conditions,
over a period of 60 days. You can find the paper at: rel

Release Highlights:

  • New AIO/DIO from Chris Mason (SUSE) and
    Dan McNeil (OSDL)

  • New SCTP testcases

  • Updates to ltp-stress and memory

We encourage the community to post results to ,
and patches, new tests, or comments/questions to"



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