July 2, 2008

Market Share Smackdown: Linux 85.4% vs. Windows 1%

No, Linux 85.4% vs. Windows 1% is not a typo, neither the result of erroneous information. The fact is that there is a context where the open source operating system holds the lion's king of the market while Microsoft's proprietary platform is not the only dominant OS, but is reduced to a bottom feeder in terms of its install base. In one area, the tables are completely turned around and Linux enjoys supremacy while Windows scraps for leftovers and crumbs from the leader's feast. In the land of supercomputers Linux is king, and Windows is barely a multicellular organism. But at the same time, the situation is completely reversed when it comes down to the client-side versions of Windows and Linux, with Microsoft's platform at over 90.89% of the market, while Linux is struggling under 1%.

Link: news.softpedia.com


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