July 31, 2015

Mars Challenge: Hosted by EMC {code}


EMC {code} invites you to a data challenge at LinuxCon, ContainerCon, CloudOpen, and MesosCon. We’ve built an exciting game with some great prizes at stake. Join us for an afternoon of fun that will help you expand your skill set, and more importantly, save your Mars camp from imminent demise!

Full details are below. Spots are limited, register today!

>>The Challenge

You and your team just landed in Mars. As you prepare the base, massive Sun storms are coming your way. That was the last communication you had from Earth. Now connectivity to earth has been cut, and although the base has enough energy, your protective shields can only be running for a few minutes at the time, without recharging. Your only chance of survival is to monitor the current temperature and radiation levels in the planet atmosphere to detect sun flares and activate your base shields for protection. You only have a few hours, to implement a sensor array, build and deploy the monitoring application to engage/disengage your shields, then fine tune an algorithm based on your data analysis that decides when to charge your shields and when to engage them for protection. Will you and your team survive? The top survivors (winners) will receive prizes and every single participant will walk away with a Raspberry Pi 2.

>>The Incentives

  • Every participant receives a Raspberry Pi 2.
  • The winners get drones, and we’ll be awarding spot prizes (Go Pros and other exciting gadgets!) along the way.
  • It’s a great way to test your coding chops.
  • Food and drink will be served throughout the day.

>>Time and Location       

  • August 19th, 12pm         
  • The Virginia Room at the Sheraton Seattle (co-located with ContainerCon, CloudOpen and LinuxCon)

>>Who Should Participate?

  • Registration is required for each participant.
  • Recommended experience with:
  • Working and/or implementing Distributed applications
  • Using web sockets
  • Object Storage (AWS S3, Atmos, Centera, OpenStack Swift, Cepth, Elastic Cloud Storage, etc...)
  • Familiarity with Queue Base software (Rabbit MQ, Kaffka, REDIS, etc...)

>>Spots are very limited, register today!<<

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