April 8, 2005

Mass Confusion Rules the Graphics Market

Anonymous Reader writes "I donât know about you, but Iâve had enough with the games ATI and NVIDIA are playing with their customers these days. Yes, I am referring to the abundance of X800 series, X850 series and 6800 series products that are "flooding" the market. I am sure you got a whiff of what I am trying to imply by placing the word flooding in quotes. I have discussed the lack of availability issues in my graphics card evaluations before, so I donât think I have to go through that again. We all know the poor state of product availability and while it is improving, itâs still far from perfect. The ironic thing is that both companies will bring in new products this year and with availability already scarce with current generation of graphics adapters, itâs needless to say that ATI and NVIDIA will have a lot of catching up to do."

Link: CoolTechZone.com

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