March 19, 2004

Massachusetts Builds Open-Source Public Trough

Massachusetts on Wednesday took the wraps off a new software repository designed to let government agencies make more efficient use of open-source
software. The repository will be managed by the Government Open Code Collaborative, a newly formed group of seven states and four municipalities that
will contribute and download open-source software and proprietary software designed by government agencies for their use.

The repository will consist of a MySQL database, Z Object Publishing Environment application server, Apache Web server, OpenLDAP authentication
service for storing membership data, and Debian Linux operating system running on an Intel-based rack-mounted server. The University of Rhode Island
will serve as the repository's home.

"We want to create a central place where the public sector can go and see what other projects are being developed," Claudia Boldman said at this
week's Open Source in Government Conference, held at George Washington University. The director of policy and planning for Massachusetts' Information
Technology Division also said the Government Open Code Collaborative, which held its first meeting in December, expects membership from Massachusetts
towns Gloucester and Worcester, as well as state participation from Pennsylvania, Utah, Missouri, Rhode Island, and others.



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