November 10, 2002

MaxMAME for the Sharp Zaurus Released

LordDavon writes: "I have discontinued QMAME.LD and moved to using the source of AdvanceMAME." AdvanceMAME allows for screen sizing optimizations and uses the SDL libraries. I have found that this version is a little slower then QMAME.LD, but it is more configurable and should allow for greater optimization and speed. Games will adjust to the screen almost perfectly and the UI (TAB Key) and the/home/root/.advance/advmame.rc file make it possible to adjust the setting of the keys for anyones environment. Please make sure to set video_mode to sdl in the advmame.rc file. I will be moving the files to use the downloads section as soon as we get it fixed. This version does not seem to work with OZ3.0. Requires: SDL and ZLib"

Link: http://www/

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