May 1, 2002

May, 2002 Embedded Linux Journal now online

Anonymous Reader writes " (a joint project of and Embedded Linux Journal) has published the online version of the May, 2002 edition of the Embedded Linux Journal. As usual, the new issue is filled with interesting and informative articles on embedded Linux technologies and projects, including . . .
  • WANDER: a Portable Linux Data-Collection System
  • Update on Linux compatible Single-Board Computers
  • VOCAL: Open Source VoIP Software for Linux
  • Writing Portable Device Drivers
  • GAR: Automating Entire OS Builds
  • BOEL, Part 2: Kernel Configuration and Booting
  • Real Time and Linux, Part 3: Sub-Kernels and Benchmarks
  • NIC Contest Winners
  • Linux4.TV Contest Update

The May 2002 online magazine is available here"


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