January 24, 2006

MBProject becomes Committer to Eclipse

Ed Dodds writes "Medical Banking Project has signed a membership agreement as a "Committer" with the Eclipse Foundation, allowing MBP to use their open source, multi-vendor platform to build out according to MBP's needs. While MBP anticipates building new components MBP won't have to start from scratch. MBProject joins Eclipse, OMG and HL7 as part of the Healthcare Services Specifications Project (HSSP), now being internationally adopted in UK, Australia and USA. MBP's work will conform with the HIMSS and IHE formats in the unlikely event HSSP formats differ. MBP anticipates that MBP's combined energies will facilitate universal adoption of new "mbXML" profiles ("medical banking XML") that are intended to support seamless, real time messaging across banking and healthcare stakeholders. What this all means: more consumer conveniences."

Link: mbproject.org

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