June 11, 2004

"McLinux" Now Served In 1,200 German Restaurants, Boasts Novell

McDonald's Germany, according to a "Solutions at Work item that went live at the Novell site this week, deploys SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server for DNS, FTP, and proxy services on the Internet.

While FTP is not at first glance a core service for a fast-food company, since McDonald's has 1,200 restaurants in Germany this nonetheless must count as a high-profile vindication of the performance, stability, and flexibility of Linux in an enterprise environment. Certainly that is Novell's contention.

And McDonald's Germany agrees. "Being a product of the Internet," says Thomas Trepl, Project Manager, New Technologies, for McDonald's Germany, "Linux provides the best technical basis for achieving optimum results with Internet technologies."

Link: LinuxWorld.com


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