September 30, 2002

McObject's eXtremeDB In-Memory Database Bundled With Linux

Ted Kenney writes: "McObject and Probatus Technologies announced a bundling partnership, pairing an innovative in-memory database system (IMDS) with a comprehensive, professional-grade Linux development and operating environment.

In addition to certifying McObjectâs eXtremeDB as compatible with its Spectra Linux 1.2 operating system, Probatus will include eXtremeDB with every copy of the platform. The arrangement offers Linux developers and systems integrators worldwide a solution that overcomes the performance and footprint constraints of disk-based database management systems.

For Spectra Linux users building demanding systems and applications, eXtremeDB provides critical data management features, including coordination between threads, fast and flexible navigation, and assured data integrity through transactions. It also offers a rich development toolset with support for virtually all data types and for multiple query methods, and a self-diagnostic database API that catches common programming errors at an early stage. McObject also provides eXtremeDB source code, for complete control of the development environment.

"McObject's innovative solution answers the needs of thousands of our users, and we are more than happy to include it to the Spectra Linux distribution," said Esa Tervo, Probatus Technologiesâ CTO. "As a result, Linux professionals all over the world get major performance and flexibility benefits. The breadth of technology found in Spectra Linux, eXtremeDB and the other bundled tools proves Linux is now ready for serious business."

For more information see the announcement on McObject's Web site.



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