May 30, 2014

Measuring Success for OpenDaylight: Are We There Yet?


This week at the Network Virtualization and SDN World event in London Iâve had many people ask me some variation of, âhow is OpenDaylight doing?â or âhow are things progressing?â. To answer those questions, I must implicitly answer a different one: how do you judge the success of an open source project like OpenDaylight?

For OpenDaylight, the problem weâre solving is extreme fragmentation in SDN technologies. Success must be measured as progress towards the ultimate goal of unifying the networking industryâs efforts around a common, open, standard code base. OpenDaylight will succeed if and when SDN adoption is high and the vast majority of solutions available to end users are interoperable. So how do you track success towards this goal? One way is to look at the progress being made to deliver such a code base. Many people have been eagerly testing out our first software release, Hydrogen, and poring over new OpenDaylight project proposals on the OpenDaylight wiki. There is tremendous excitement around projects in the next release, Helium, including Authorization and Accounting (AAA), Group Based Policy, SDN Interface Application (SDNi) and Service Function Chaining.

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