February 11, 2004

Mediastation X-76 Linux-Based Keyboard Workstation

Anonymous Reader writes
"Lionstracs has announced the Mediastation X-76, a next generation music workstation & performance keyboard based on Linux and AMD's 32bit Athlon or 64 bit Opteron CPUs. It is designed for live performers, one man bands, disc jockeys, karaoke, multitrack recording and mastering, MIDI sequencing and digital video production.

The architecture is completely open and most of the software empowering the Mediastation X-76 will be released under the GPL open source license which allows for royalty-free third party developer contribution and extension of audio/midi libraries and applications. Prices start from 2990 Euros, more infos at the company's website: www.lionstracs.com"

Link: news.harmony-central.com

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