October 15, 2012

MeeGo Mobile Startup, Jolla, Names COO As New CEO As It Preps For Sailfish OS Launch


Finnish mobile startup Jolla, which is building a new OS based on the MeeGo platform with a strong focus on China, has named a new CEO as it moves towards its first product launch ahead of the unveiling of its Sailfish OS next month. Former CEO Jussi Hurmola will now focus on “Sailfish strategy” (and moves onto the Jolla Board), while Jolla’s former COO, Marc Dillon, will take over as CEO. Dillon’s background includes working in a variety of senior engineering roles at Nokia across Symbian, S40 and MeeGo.

The news was announced in a tweet on Jolla’s Twitter account (h/t to tonistechblog for spotting)


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