April 29, 2010

MeeGo Presentations from the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

Now that everyone has finally arrived home and people are back at work after being delayed by a giant ash cloud, we've been able to collect all of the MeeGo presentations from the Linux Collaboration Summit.

The MeeGo project was featured in two keynotes and an all day session during the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. It was a great opportunity for me to meet more of the people who are contributing to MeeGo in person, and I was very happy with the MeeGo content at the event. In addition to great presentations, we had a lot of audience engagement, questions and discussion, which is critical during this early period for the project.

Here is a rundown of the MeeGo content at the Linux Collaboration Summit for your enjoyment.

  1. Ari Jaaksi: MeeGo, A Free & Standard Linux OS for the Mobile Industry (Video)
  2. Imad Sousou: The Secret to Open Source Success at Intel (Video)
  3. Arjan Van De Ven: MeeGo Technical Overview (PDF)
  4. Marcel Holtmann: MeeGo Connectivity Framework (PDF)
  5. Henrik Hartz: Rapid Development on MeeGo Using Qt-Quick (PDF)
  6. Margie Foster: Localization Birds of a Feather (Wiki Page)

Other recorded videos of the keynote sessions from the 2010 Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit are also available. You can also get the slides for many of the keynotes and sessions from the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit website.

Some comments from the MeeGo portions of the event were also summarized in a forum thread if you want more information.

If you attended the Collaboration Summit, please feel free to leave your thoughts about the event here in the comments.

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