June 3, 2011

Meeks: LibreOffice Progress to 3.4.0

Michael Meeks digs in to the changes that went into LibreOffice 3.4, including better translation support, merging changes from OpenOffice.org (part of which was a "multi-million-line" OOo cleanup patch), adding more build bots, and more. One major area of work was in doing some cleanup to reduce the size of LibreOffice: "First - ridding ourself of sillies - there is lots of good work in this area, eg. big cleanups of dead, and unreachable code, dropping export support from our (deprecated for a decade) binary filters and more. I'd like to highlight one invisible area: icons. Lots of volunteers worked on this, at least: Joseph Powers, Ace Dent, Joachim Tremouroux and Matus Kukan. The problem is that previously OO.o had simply tons of duplication, of icons everywhere: it had around one hundred and fifty (duplicate) 'missing icon' icons as an example. It also duplicated each icon for a 'high contrast' version in each theme (in place of a simple, separate high contrast icon theme), and it also propagated this effective bool highcontrast all across the code bloating things. All of that nonsense is now gone, and we have a great framework for handling eg. low-contrast disabilities consistently."

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