March 16, 2015

Meet Blueberry, Linux Mint’s New Bluetooth Set-Up Tool

What do you do when the default Bluetooth confirmation utility is less than ideal for your users? Why you dive in and improve it! This is Linux after all! 

Not quite convinced by the standard offerings on offer in their various releases, Linux Mint has created a brand new Bluetooth set-up tool called Blueberry. It will ship in the upcoming Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 release and replace the various utilities used in other Mint flavours in due course.

The utility has been designed to be simple, and to run outside of Linux Mint just as easily (e.g. in Cinnamon on Fedora) It will allow Linux Mint users to set up and manage their Bluetooth mice, keyboard and other extras quickly and easily and offer smarter integration with the underlying system and desktop environment.

mint bluetooth


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