Meet Gloo, the ‘Function Gateway’ That Unifies Legacy APIs, Microservices, and Serverless


Most enterprises still have monolithic applications, but many are exploring the use of microservices. The monoliths are accessible via APIs and monitored by the traditional application performance management (APM) tools, with deep dives provided by Splunk and other log investigation tools. With microservices — usually, run on platforms such as Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry — monitoring is usually done through tools such as Prometheus (scalable monitoring) and Open Tracing (transactional logging). Typically, the microservices monitoring tools and the traditional ones do not play well together, necessitating two sets of tools that must be maintained for monitoring.

Adding to this architectural complexity is that many organizations are also exploring the realm of serverless, which is mostly cloud-driven at this point through services like AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions. These, too, have their own sets of monitoring tools, such as AWS X-Ray.

Solo’s approach is to treat any of these distinct styles of computing as a single entity, that of the function, so they then can be monitored and managed with a single system. To realize this vision, the company built a function gateway, which is like an API gateway but for functions.

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