MEN Mikro Joins MontaVista Certification Program

Annette Oevermann writes “MEN Mikro Joins MontaVista LSP Certification Program

Embedded Hardware Company Helps Customers Reduce Costs and Accelerate Time-to-Market

Nuremberg, Germany , August 24, 2004. — MEN® Mikro Elektronik today proudly announced that it has joined the MontaVista LSP Certification Program. MEN is an independent vendor of embedded hardware and one of the first companies in Europe to become a member of this program. The certification program enables MEN to develop MontaVista Linux Support Packages (LSPs) for its ESM Embedded System Modules, VMEbus and CompactPCI Single Board Computers, using the Board Support Toolkit (BST) provided by MontaVista Software.

“We are very excited that we will soon be able to demonstrate our first board with MontaVista® Linux®,†says MEN’s marketing director Barbara Schmitz. “It will be one of the world’s first designs with the MPC8560 PowerQuicc III processor from Freescale Semiconductor and it will be implemented on an ESM Embedded System Module.â€

The MontaVista LSP Certification Program enables MontaVista partners to certify their hardware platforms on MontaVista Linux. Through the program, Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) are provided access to the tools and processes necessary to expedite the generation of custom LSPs for certification with the market-leading embedded Linux operating system and development platform, MontaVista Linux Professional Edition. By attaining MontaVista “Partner Certified LSP†status, IHVs gain instant recognition — while dramatically enhancing the competitive position of their hardware platforms. MontaVista Software will provide direct technical customer support for all such certified LSPs.

“MontaVista is glad to welcome MEN Mikro Electronik to our ecosytem of independent partners,†said Scott Jaffe, vice president, Business Development, MontaVista Software. “We look forward to leveraging our combined expertise to provide quality solutions for customers in telecommunications and other industries that require superior functionality and reliability.â€

MEN’s managing director Udo Fuchs adds, “We strongly believe that our cooperation with MontaVista Software will open significant new international business opportunities for both partners, especially in telecommunications.â€

About the MontaVista LSP Certification Program

LSP Certification eliminates the costly, time-consuming and unnecessary task of creating and maintaining a full Linux distribution from scratch, and significantly reduces time-to-market. By focusing critical engineering resources on supporting their unique value-add, IHVs streamline their platform development.

The MontaVista LSP Certification Program lets IHVs recognize the competitive advantage of supporting MontaVista Linux, the industry leading embedded Linux platform. More importantly, they can control their own development schedule and costs; streamlining time-to-market and focusing resources on their own unique value-add. Through creating and certifying a MontaVista LSP, IHVs leverage the strong MontaVista brand and a rich third-party software and tools ecosystem.

More information on the LSP Certification Program is available at .html

About MEN Mikro Elektronik

MEN Mikro Elektronik develops and produces failsafe solutions qualified for extreme environmental conditions in industrial embedded applications.

The standard product range contains about 140 different standard computer boards with corresponding BIOS, BSP and driver software as well as completely configured systems based on the following platforms:

– ESM – Embedded System Modules (PowerPC, x86)

– 6U and 3U VMEbus and CompactPCI/PXI (PowerPC, x86)

– M-Modules – industrial mezzanine I/O standard for all platforms

– PC-MIP – PCI based mezzanine standard for computer I/O

The development and production of customized hardware is an additional service.

The products are used as control, measuring, test or simulation computers in transportation (railways, ship, bus), automotive industry, mechanical engineering and aerospace technology, medical industry, military engineering and telecommunications.

Founded in 1982 in Nuremberg, MEN has more than 100 employees. Export has a share of about 50% of the globally active company with subsidiaries in France, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. MEN is a registered trademark of MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH. MontaVista is a registered trademark of MontaVista Software, Inc. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

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