September 21, 2004


Author: Preston St. Pierre

A newcomer that, like Knoppix, can be run from your CD drive without installation. Also like Knoppix, it is based on Debian. Where MEPIS shines is its easy, 100% "point and click" installation, and automatic detection of not only "normal" computer hardware but also popular webcams, the latest wireless network cards, "Winmodems" that usually work only with Windows, digital cameras, scanners, and other devices. Freely downloadable, paid registration or subscription updates available but optional.

MEPIS Linux 2003 is desktop Linux the way you want it.

Easy to Try

Runs from Live-CD before you installAutomagically configures itself to your PC hardwareBoot the MEPIS CD and, in about one minute, you can be using Linux

Easy to Install

Installation wizard guides you through simple installation step-by-stepIncludes a disk partitioning tool with a familiar graphical interfaceCompatible with all versions of MS-WIndows

Easy to Use

Hundreds of software programs are preinstalled and fully configured to be ready to useThousands of additional specialized applications are availableThe acclaimed apt-get system manages software download and installationMost applications come with a Users Handbook in the KDE Help System

Extra Features

LIve CD is also a system repair and recovery diskThe CD image is compressed to provide over 1,100 software packages on one CD

Custom Linux

The unique nature of MEPIS Linux makes it an ideal foundation for developing a custom version of Linux for large scale deployment. MEPIS is available to work with integrators and end user clients to develop privately branded and optimally tweaked Linux configurations. For more information visit:

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