November 26, 2003

MEPIS LLC announced the release of MEPIS Linux 2003.10 for Pentium processors

Morgantown, WV; November 25th 2003 - Today, MEPIS LLC announced the release of
MEPIS Linux 2003.10 for Pentium processors. MEPIS Linux is a desktop Linux
that is designed for both personal and business users.

MEPIS Linux offers a live/installation/recovery CD, advanced automatic
hardware configuration, XP/NTFS support, ACPI power management, WiFi support,
personal firewall, KDE 3.1.4, OpenOffice 1.1, Mozilla 1.5, and much more.

New in 2003.10
With release 2003.10, MEPIS has expanded the functionality of the MEPIS
Installation Center to allow the user to install MEPIS or repair the boot
loader, Xconfig, make a floppy, or test the hard drive all while running from
the Live-CD.

The new MEPIS System Center allows the user to reconfigure network setting,
including WiFi; configure the apt (Package Manger) sources configuration;
change the system identification; select a differnet default system keyboard
and language; clear system logs; adjust the mouse and display configuration
of X-windows; and it assists with the installation of application
localization packages.

The MEPIS User Utilities cleans trash from your user space, empties caches,
and configures spam filtering.

An experimental Traveler Disk feature enables users to synchronize key
elements from their primary desktop to a keyring disk and take their desktop
with them. The disk may be used to synchronize between machines or to login
to the Traveler Disk desktop on any machine that will run MEPIS Linux.

The hardware autoconfiguration is written in C to be very fast. The hardware
databases are very up-to-date and support some of the latest hardware.

The Live CD makes MEPIS Linux 2003 easy to try before you decide to install
MEPIS on your hard drive.

The autoconfiguration and straight-forward graphical installer make it easy to

The preconfiguration and integration of over 1,200 packages make it easy to
use out-of-the-box.

A second CD contains over 800 additional packages that do not fit on the Live
CD. Many of these packages are for internationalization and server
environment support. Over 13,000 other packages are available to be
downloaded and installed.

MEPIS Linux 2003.10 is available for download at:

As a convenience, MEPIS has arranged for a premium download from its site for
$9.95 USD. Alternately, the MEPIS two CD set is also available for $9.95 USD
plus shipping.

Regardless of how one obtains MEPIS Linux, users are encouraged to support
MEPIS by registering for an additional $9.95 USD per seat.

Anyone desiring customization or an annual maintenance plan should contact

MEPIS Linux is derived from the Debian GNU/Linux code base.

Some of the advanced features for users include:
autoconfiguration of most hardware
a growing set of configuration utilities for tasks that need them
automatic network configuration in most situations
automatic WiFi hardware configuration in many cases
easy package installation via CD or the global Debian mirrors
ACPI support for laptops and legacy-free desktop machines
PM-like partition manager with NTFS partition resizing
installer with upgrade support compatible with Mandrake and Redhat
ready to use desktop configuration with over 1,100 packages preinstalled
built-in support for multimedia including DVDs, real and wvx streams, etc.

Supporters of MEPIS Linux have banded together to participate through Team
MEPIS. Team members test new software, promote MEPIS Linux, pursue mutual
business opportunities, translate MEPIS into other languages, exchange ideas,
and propose new projects. Anyone interested in Team MEPIS is urged to

The MEPIS Linux Live-CD is a collective work released under the GPL. The
individual packages bundled with MEPIS Linux are subject to their own
licenses. The MEPIS name and logo are restricted marks that may not be
reused for commercial purposes without written permission from MEPIS LLC.
Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

MEPIS Linux is intended to be a world class desktop alternative to MS-windows.
For more information, please visit MEPIS Linux on the web at or contact

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