Mesosphere Community Edition Now on AWS, Google and Azure Up Next


A community edition of Mesosphere DCOS, the first cluster-based, container-oriented operating system, is being made available to customers for deployment on Amazon’s AWS platform, Mesosphere executives confirmed to The New Stack. This, as a commercial edition of Mesosphere for on-premises and hybrid cloud deployment, exits public beta and enters general availability.

“There are no limits to it. It’s a very robust package,” said Mesosphere Senior Vice President Matthew Trifiro, “and it’s available for free. We’re also accepting early access applications to Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.”

Mesosphere makes use of the Apache Mesos scheduler to orchestrate the distribution of related and unrelated processes over clusters of disparate servers. With this first general release of the community edition, this distribution will take place over Amazon’s servers, although technically the system was designed to extend container-based and microservices deployments across clouds. Once the Google and Azure licenses become generally available, conceivably all three public clouds can be leveraged by a single cluster scheduler simultaneously.

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