April 22, 2015

Mesosphere Now Includes Kubernetes for Managing Clustered Containers

The most demonstrably effective and efficient data center scheduling and apportionment platform to date will not only support, but will actually include, Google’s system for managing clustered Linux containers. This as a result of Mesosphere, the commercial backer of the Apache Mesos project, acting on its agreement with Google reached last August.

Now, the latest preview of Mesosphere’s Data Center Operating System (DCOS) — available to early access registrants — gives developers the means for creating Mesosphere pods around applications, and then launching those applications in a large-scale pooled compute and storage environment.

Where DCOS is Going

The New Stack’s Alex Williams profiled DCOS last December, after Mesosphere raised some $36 million in venture funding. Even since that time, the marketing message of DCOS has matured, and its rougher edges have been smoothed over.


Benjamin Hindman

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