November 22, 2000

MetaDot Announces Open Services Team

Author: JT Smith

New service takes Open Source portal software to the corporate level with unparalleled deployment speed and quality

AUSTIN, Texas, November 22, 2000-MetaDot Corporation, an Open Source portal application provider offering free, self-service content and community management software for the Internet, announced today the creation of its Open Services Team and sponsorship by Schlumberger Limited, a global leader in technical services.

The open architecture design of MetaDot software enables multi-platform technology integration for a broad range of clients, with a focus on small- and medium-sized corporations. The MetaDot Portal Server provides an environment for layout, design and branding of a site, including personalization of information, publishing and subscription capabilities and data aggregation services in a variety of formats. The Open Services Team adds value to these existing products and services by providing swift and seamless implementations for customers worldwide.

"MetaDot's Open Services Team will provide us with fast implementation and customization of their flexible and robust product and will enhance our capability to deploy IT solutions within Schlumberger," commented Jean Chevallier, vice president of information technology of Schlumberger Limited.

According to Daniel Guermeur, president and CEO of MetaDot, "Speed of service is key to a corporation?s success. We take a customer?s request to full portal implementation in a matter of hours, not weeks, delivering a rapid return on investment for our growing client and user community."

MetaDot Corporation is an Open Source portal application and service provider. The flagship product, MetaDot Portal Server, is a free Open Source, platform-independent software application that supports content management, virtual community and syndication, and processes millions of requests per day on all common operating systems. By encouraging customization, MetaDot provides mechanisms to integrate with most content providers. For rapid deployment, the Open Services Team offers a range of services and managed hosted portals. For more information visit

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