June 4, 2001

Metro Link announces UPnP bridge for OSGi gateways

Author: JT Smith

Fort Lauderdale, FL June 4, 2001 - Metro Link, Inc., the leading provider of UPnP-enabled technology and graphics for embedded systems, today announced Metro EnableWorks for the Java(TM) Platform with support for the OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative) service bundle framework. Metro EnableWorks enables UPnP devices to connect with the Java-technology based OSGi framework targeted for home gateway devices, allowing seamless integration of the two home automation industry standards. Metro Link also reached an agreement with Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW), a founding member of the OSGi standard, to allow Metro Link to license Sun's Java Embedded Server(TM) Technology which is designed to be fully compliant with the OSGi 1.0 specification. This will enable Metro Link to offer a complete solution for connectivity of UPnP devices with the rich world of OSGi gateways and services.

"We have worked hard to become the premiere player in the home automation market and are pleased that our efforts have been recognized by Sun," said Garry Paxinos, Metro Link CTO. "The integration of Java and OSGi support broadens the scope of products Metro EnableWorks will control in the future and allows more devices to communicate on the same network."

"Sun is committed to enabling service providers to deliver value-added services over the broadband pipe to home networks", said Aisling MacRunnels, Director of Marketing for Sun Microsystems. "We have always believed in open standards and been transparent to the various broadband and home networking standards. This agreement will bring the power and security of Java technology-enabled services to UPnP enabled devices."

Consisting of a UPnP Device SDK and a UPnP Control Point SDK, Metro EnableWorks is designed to provide the developer with a fast, easy path to UPnP compatibility for embedded applications such as set-top boxes, residential gateways, web pads, wireless devices, audio-video equipment, appliances and other consumer electronics.

Metro EnableWorks simplifies the development of UPnP compatible devices by handling all aspects of device discovery, description, control and eventing through a simple, well-documented Java object model and API. The Metro EnableWorks SDKs support both JDK(TM) v. 1.1 and Java(TM) 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE(TM)) and work with any operating system supporting JDK 1.1 or higher. They also work with the Java(TM) 2 Micro Edition (J2ME(TM)) for small, embedded devices.

About Metro Link
Metro Link, Inc. enables consumer electronic devices to connect with appliances such as set-top boxes, Internet appliances and white goods via a network using its UPnP technology and provides graphics for embedded Linux and real-time operating systems. Metro Link, a premiere provider of UPnP technology and a leader in the CEA R7.4 community, was the first to ship an SDK for embedded UPnP devices. To learn more, visit www.metrolink.com or Greg Lafferty at 954-660-2444 or greg@metrolink.com.

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