August 10, 2001

Metro Link ports to Micro-X to Sony PlayStation 2

Author: JT Smith

Metro Link Inc. ( today announced the release of Micro-X for the SONY ( PlayStation® 2. With the PlayStation 2 becoming a new consumer standard for multimedia entertainment, Metro Link has jumped ahead of the market by providing its small footprint X server for the PlayStation 2. (Sony already has shipped 10 million systems worldwide and is shooting for another 10 million by April 2002.)
Micro-X is a custom engineered, fully accelerated, 600K small footprint X server. Micro-X is minimized for memory footprint and optimized for performance on the Sony PlayStation 2 platform.

"We are excited to offer the smallest 100% X protocol compliant X server optimized specifically for the Sony PlayStation 2, where memory space is at a premium," said Morgan Von Essen, President of Metro Link. "Our small footprint Micro-X server is a needed solution to make room for other applications and key features."

"We see the SONY PlayStation 2 as the convergence between residential gateways, set-top boxes and TV-based Internet appliances. Micro-X is an ideal solution to reduce the size of the software stack to make room for other necessary features and applications, while still embracing standards-based solutions and open source API's," said Von Essen. "Our focus is the consumer electronics and set-top box market. When we saw the PlayStation 2 as the most dynamic new entertainment platform in years, we had to be a part of it."

Further proof of the PlayStation 2's dominance is the recently announced alliance with America Online to link Sony's hit PlayStation 2 video-game machine to the Internet. "A move to outflank Microsoft Corp. in the battle for new interactive services," according to the Wall Street Journal. Sony hopes to get its own boost for the PlayStation 2 by leveraging AOL's established brand and base of 29 million users.

Metro Link, Inc. provides graphics for embedded Linux and real-time operating systems, and enables UPnP devices to connect with appliances such as set-top boxes, Internet appliances and consumer electronics. Metro Link's middleware products include a full suite of X Window System software, including Metro-Media? multimedia software, which provides a complete PVR/DVR solution with simultaneous record/playback of video with synchronized audio. X.Org, the worldwide X Window System consortium, has contracted with Metro Link to maintain and enhance the X Window System source code. To learn more, visit

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