Metrowerks Delivers Automotive Grade Linux

Anonymous Reader writes “Metrowerks Delivers Automotive Grade Linux® Technology for Next Generation Telematics Equipment.

Linux Technology from Metrowerks Addresses Automotive Industry Requirements, Facilitates Open Source Development for Telematics Markets

Detroit, MI – Convergence 2004 – October 18, 2004 – Metrowerks Corporation introduces automotive grade Linux® technology specifically engineered to meet industry requirements such as fast device boot time, a real-time execution environment and a comprehensive power management framework.

Automotive grade Linux technology from Metrowerks makes the Linux operating system viable for the Telematics market, and responds to the performance requirements that automotive original equipment manufacturers demand.

The technology delivers:
– a sub-40 millisecond response time for in-vehicle bus communication;
– high performance, real-time capabilities for enhanced responses to system events; and
– very low power consumption, as evidenced by Metrowerks’ optimization of the Freescaleâ„¢ Semiconductor Total5200â„¢ Development Platform.

“Linux is an attractive operating system for the automotive market, but until now has not been a viable option because of the stringent requirements automotive manufacturers have regarding fast boot time, determinism and power consumption,” said Ian Riches, director, Automotive Electronics Service, Strategy Analytics, Inc. “The Metrowerks automotive grade Linux technology will help overcome some of the barriers associated with using the Linux operating system for automotive Telematics applications. Their continued commitment to Linux technology and the transportation industry will help increase the use of Telematics and further perpetuate the adoption of Linux technology for automotive devices.”

The Metrowerks Professional Services Group is available to help automotive manufacturers integrate open source or proprietary middleware technologies from third-party vendors to deliver networking, security/encryption, memory or consumer interface capabilities.

In addition to standard Board Support Packages (BSPs) for automotive reference platforms based on Freescale’s MPC5200 device, Metrowerks offers custom BSP development for a variety of platforms and comprehensive Linux development solutions to support the entire development process from board bring-up and Linux kernel-level debugging to application creation and testing.

Availability and Pricing
Automotive grade Linux technology is available from Metrowerks under customized terms and conditions. BSPs may be downloaded free of charge by visiting For further information, please contact Metrowerks by phone at 800-377-5416 or +1-512-996-5300, or via e-mail at For availability outside the U.S. and Canada, please see the list of Metrowerks International Sales Offices at or e-mail

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