March 21, 2001

Metrowerks demonstrates PlayStation2 tools for Linux

Author: JT Smith

unveiled a host of new development tools technology this week aimed at
expanding opportunities for game developers and shortening time to

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Metrowerks announced the
availability of a new Analysis Tools Kit (ATtaCK) and demonstrated a
Linux version of its CodeWarrior for PlayStation2 tools. The company
announced today plans to work with Motorola, Ericsson and Siemens to
development tools for a new Universal Mobile Games Platform.

"The Analysis Tools Kit underscores our commitment to helping game
developers reach market as fast as possible with high quality games and
content," said Brian Gildon, director of core technology and games
platforms, Metrowerks. "This is leading-edge tools technology, and
with our breadth of platform support, it demonstrates how serious we
about the gaming space."

Analysis Tools Construction Kit (AttaCK)

Metrowerks' Analysis Tools Construction Kit (ATtaCK) lets game
custom-build tools to profile, debug and analyze their applications.
ATtaCK framework was originally created by Metrowerks to build the highly popular
Analysis tools suite -- including the Hierarchical Profile and Code
tools. With ATtaCK, developers can create their own tools to solve the
highly specific, system-level problems encountered in games projects.

ATtaCK is available this week directly from Metrowerks for US$15,000.
price includes the tool set and one development team license.
licenses are available for US$5000 per development team. For more
information, contact Metrowerks by telephone at 800-377-5416
outside the U.S.), or by e-mail at

PlayStation2 Tools for Linux

Metrowerks is porting its CodeWarrior for PlayStation2 tools to the
operating system, and is showing an alpha version of the tools at GDC
week. The tools, which are expected to ship by mid-year 2001, provide
developers with another option for host platform development.

Universal Mobile Games Platform

Metrowerks is working with three of the industry's leading wireless
technology providers to make it easier for developers to create games
applications for the mobile market. Motorola, Ericsson and Siemens
announced plans for an industry initiative to define a universal mobile
games platform, and will work with Metrowerks to deliver CodeWarrior(r)
development tools for the new platform.

About Metrowerks

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Metrowerks
markets and supports CodeWarrior hardware and software development
for a number of operating systems and the most popular microprocessors.
CodeWarrior allows programmers to build applications from one unique
integrated development environment (IDE). For more information, please
visit the Metrowerks web site at

Metrowerks, the Metrowerks logo and CodeWarrior are registered
trademarks of
Metrowerks Corp. All other company and product names may be registered
trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies/holders, and are
hereby recognized.

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