Michael’s Minute: Gold on the moon

Michael Robertson: “I just returned from the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco, the annual event that
showcases all things Linux, with a few thoughts about the state of Linux.”There were a handful of big companies (Intel, Red Hat, Sun, HP, IBM, AMD) that have
come to the undeniable realization that Linux will impact their businesses in a
meaningful and positive way. The inherent cost advantage clearly illustrates that Linux
adoption is just a question of “When?” not “If?” the impact will be felt.

Disappointingly, virtually all the companies exhibiting were focused on the server or the
behind-the-scenes computers, not the computer sitting in front of the end-user.
Bringing Linux to its largest audience, the desktop, is the last chasm to be crossed – it
is also the biggest segment that will have the largest impact due to the sheer volume of
desktop users.

But, when it comes to desktop users, Linux is like gold on the moon. There’s
tremendous value if you can figure out how to get there and bring the gold back to
earth. LinuxWorld has always been about teaching people how to build their own rocket
ship in their backyard with spare kitchen items. While there’s a certain excitement for
some in this endeavor, most people don’t have the time or the skills for such an

To bring Linux to the desktop, organizations need to make the power of Linux
accessible to earthbound humans in a point-and-click manner, bringing the gold to
them. This is our goal at Lindows.com and there are other groups striving for this same
end. In the last year, we have seen dramatic strides toward this goal. It’s now easier to
install Linux than any Microsoft operating system (see www.tryoutlinux.com).
LindowsOS, for example, takes less than 5 minutes to install. (Click here to download
LindowsOS right now or order a CD and see for yourself.)

Using Click-N-Run, Linux users have leapt bounds over existing technology in
ease-of-use when it comes to installing software. These are key components to
bringing Linux down-to-earth and accessible to a wider audience. There are other
companies making this a reality and we think it’s time to showcase desktop Linux and
educate people that Linux is now practical for the desktop.

In February of next year, on the 20th and 21st in San Diego, California, Lindows.com will
be hosting the Linux Desktop Summit (www.lindows.com/summit). Companies and
organizations dedicated to making Linux viable on the desktop will be coming together
to showcase their efforts. If your organization is interested in reaching this audience,
please sign-up for our mailing list and we’ll notify you as more information becomes
available. Anyone interested in deploying Linux for their everyday computer in
business, school and home should take advantage of this opportunity to hear from
actual companies and educational institutions about how Linux is, in a cost-effective
way, fulfilling computing needs.

While Lindows.com is the lead sponsor, there will be a wide range of companies
participating, including some of the largest hardware and software companies in the
industry. One of the most prominent resources for desktop Linux users,
DesktopLinux.com will be in attendance as they, and other supporters, share the same
belief that the time is ripe for consumers to use Linux as their desktop interface.

Parties interested in attending Linux Desktop Summit can sign-up at
www.lindows.com/summit. Exhibitors interested in presenting product at the conference
can sign-up at www.lindows.com/summit as well. This is an exciting time filled with
positive change; we hope that you can be part of the excitement at the Linux Desktop

Michael Robertson


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