July 17, 2002

Michael’s Minute: StarOffice - So is it really MS Office compatible?

"Each day, we seem to add another gem to the vault of software applications that we call the Click-N-Run Warehouse. Yesterday, we added a true treasure, Sun's StarOffice www.lindows.com/staroffice. Now with just one click you can download, install and be ready to run StarOffice."In our latest Press Release (see www.lindows.com/press), Mike Rogers, vice president and general manager for Desktop and StarOffice products at Sun Microsystems made the following comments: "We find the Click-N-Run concept extremely innovative, and Sun is proud to now be part of the LindowsOS Warehouse."

StarOffice is described as a Microsoft Office compatible suite, but what does that really mean? The question many ask is âJust how compatible is it?â

So to help answer this and show you how compatible StarOffice is, we have setup a special email address at Lindows.com â just send some of your non-confidential Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents to us at documents@lindows.com. Weâll open them using StarOffice running on top of LindowsOS and email you back the document after making a small edit to it so that you can see just how good it looks.

Many of us here at Lindows.com have already moved over to using StarOffice on a daily basis. Most of us make use of the word processor, but the suite also includes a spreadsheet, a database manager, a presentation manager, an HTML editor, and graphics editing programs. Everything works fluidly and seamlessly together. StarOffice even allows you to save your documents in .doc file format allowing you to continue to communicate to those who insist on giving excess amounts of money to Microsoft. Checkout the screenshots of StarOffice in action at www.lindows.com/staroffice

StarOffice is the first commercial application that we have added to our warehouse, it normally costs $75, but Insiders can download both LindowsOS and StarOffice, and obtain a full year's Click-N-Run Warehouse membership for just $99. So if you want to try StarOffice out for yourself on LindowsOS then just go to www.lindows.com/signup - we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Michael Robertson

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