July 12, 2002

Michael’s Minute: Tapping the energy that seeks change...

When I started MP3.com four years ago, I knew that I was building something that would pave the landscape of the future of music delivery. I knew this because I listened to the consumer and not the âexperts.â I was told repeatedly that MP3sâ digital delivery was a bad idea. âIt would never work,â the naysayers parroted. Seeing every variation of MP3 technology displayed in windows and shelves confirms that MP3.com help push music technology to the mainstream.
I knew MP3.com would flourish, just as I know Lindows.com will flourish because of the creative minds that sought change in music delivery are the same type of minds that seek change now on the desktop.

Many may have overlooked the fact that brilliant minds have been hard at work creating a huge amount of applications for Linux. There are already hundreds of cool applications that are free or just pennies on the dollar, (in contrast hundreds of dollars people now pay for Microsoft applications).

In an effort to honor and recognize these creators Lindows.com has just announced the Clicky Awards. The Clicky Awards will recognize a total of 18 different programs giving away more than $50,000 of award money to developers or groups of developers that have done the most to further the availability of high-quality consumer software on the Linux Desktop. Please nominate your favorite Linux programs by visiting http://www.lindows.com/nominations

Recipients of the Clicky Awards will receive $5,000 for first place, $3,000 for second place and $1,000 for third place. The winners of the Clicky Awards will be announced on August 31st.

The Clicky Awards will be acknowledging the top three applications in the following 6 categories.

1) Audio and MP3
2) Business and Finance
3) Games
4) Home and Education
5) Internet

6) Multimedia and Design

If your not sure of what applications are available please visit the Lindows.com Click-N-Run Warehouse and take a look at just some of the possible applications to nominate. ( We have published over 1,300 applications, but no doubt other great applications are out there.) The Click-N-Run technology makes it easy to download, install and run hundreds of products when running LindowsOS.

Or better yet, if you want to actually try out some of the applications you can order and download LindowsOS at www.lindows.com/signup. Installation is super-easy (see www.tryoutlinux.com) so you can Click-N-Run software in just minutes.

Michael Robertson

Please visit support.lindows.com to answers questions you may have about LindowsOS or Lindows.com.

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Lindows.com is a consumer company that brings choice to computer users. Lindows.com, Inc. was started by Michael Robertson, founder and former CEO of MP3.com. LindowsOS is a modern, affordable, easy-to-use operating system that allows users access to hundreds of applications via the Click-N-Run⢠Warehouse. All applications in the Click-N-Run Warehouse are licensed on a per-person or family basis and can be downloaded, installed and run with just one-mouse click. LindowsOS is also available on LindowsOS Certified Computers from Walmart.com. To signup as a Builder being click here. The General Release of LindowsOS, available now for download and preview to Lindows.com Insiders, will be made available later this year for those wishing to install and run LindowsOS on their existing computer hardware. The General Release version will support a wider range of computer hardware and includes unique features such as a âFriendly-Installâ alongside an existing Microsoft® Windows operating system, a streamlined installation process which requires no computer knowledge, and the ability to run a select set of "bridge" Windows-compatible programs. For more information see www.lindows.com/products

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