May 30, 2002

Michael's minutes: Inside the Insider program

Many of you are eager to know what has in store in the coming months. I
can tell you the team has been hard at work on the next LindowsOS
Sneak Preview - SPX. Insiders can expect several improvements, including better
browser support, an improved graphical interface, a sleeker more functional email client,
enhanced compatibility with Microsoft Windows applications, dozens of new
applications in the Click-N-Run Warehouse, as well as overall improvements
throughout. This latest version will be waiting in the Insiders' locker
the moment SPX is ready in early June.
While the staff works away, also helping out are our Insiders. Thanks to
the global team of Insiders who are providing us with their feedback and insights on our
Sneak Preview versions. Check out this map for a graphical view of where
Insiders live - hint: they come from every corner of the globe!

Enthusiastic Insiders from all over the world have sent us images of their customized
LindowsOS desktops. Here's a sampling of some of the customized screenshots our
Insiders have sent in to our Screenshot Gallery. Their contagious zeal for choice has
sparked a firestorm of creativity (check out the Flash movie sent in by one Insider, also
found in the Screenshot Gallery.)

The Insider team is the force that will leverage change in the market place
and choice on the desktop. Insiders debate and learn from each other in the Insider
forum; here's a couple of posts from Insiders.

"The prospect of a long weekend gave me time to
properly install SP2, and I'm impressed. Having
experimented with various versions of Linux in the
past, I was pleased first with how painlessly
Lindows installed -- I booted from the CD and had
it going in just a few minutes, no partitioning, no
fiddling with xconfig, no guessing and hoping, not
even enough time to play a little arcade game like
several other Linux distros offer during
installation these days.

"Checked the usual stuff on the Linux side just to
be sure, then tried a few tests of what makes
Lindows more than just another Linux by grabbing a
few MSWindows-based programs to give them a whirl.

"I didn't try every function of every program so I'm
not to the point of submitting a report, but what I
tried worked without a hitch, and at the same speed
I'd have expected if they were running under
Windows itself. In fact, though I didn't get out
the stopwatch I think some functions were actually
more responsive, particularly mouse-based things
like drag-'n'-drop editing.

"I've still got a few minor issues, probably the
fault of my not exactly plain-vanilla hardware, but
that side of the balance sheet is virtually empty
compared to the positives Lindows has shown me so

"I can hardly wait for the next Sneak Preview
(though it's really hard to believe this is still
considered "pre-beta" -- I've purchased commercial
releases of other software with more rough edges)
but until that comes I think I could do actual
serious work on this machine with SP2. When
LindowsOS 1.0 hits the streets, I anticipate a lot
of cheering.



"What can $99.00 get you? In my case a new lease on
life! I would like to explain. I have tried many
test products over the years (some successful...
some not) Never have I been involved in a project
that I BELIEVE IN as much as Lindows.
I have had very good results so far, and have
watched the progress!

"I am convinced that I am dealing with some very
good People, and we have a good shot at being

"I haven't been able to do EVERYTHING I am able to
do with Windows, however, there have been many
times that this Pre-release software actually did a
better job.
With the help of other insiders and the support
staff I have accomplised more than I have done with
some of the other Full Products I have tried!

"My wife came to me this weekend and told me that I
have her support 100%. She is not technical, but
has heard enough to think that My Philosophy and
Lindows is a perfect fit.

"I agree, and am anxiously awaiting the next
I just want to thank the Staff and The Insiders
that have helped me!

"I am glad I was willing to give Lindows a try! Now
I'm not looking back!

"Thanks! ..Geo"


Insiders, like Gary and Geo, are the first to receive products and the first
to sound off when they have concerns. You can visit the Insiders' sign-up page to view
all of the benefits of membership. If you haven't joined by now, consider the impact
your voice and support will have in the future. only becomes a viable
company with your support.

Michael Robertson just launched for
Insiders and visitors. Please feel free to visit to get the answers to your
questions you may have about LindowsOS or

Bringing choice to your computer! has released LindowsOS Sneak Preview 1 and 2 to a
select group of Insiders. The Sneak Previews are not fully
completed products but showcase many of the unique features
such as a "Friendly-Install" alongside an existing Microsoft
Windows operating system, a streamlined installation process
which requires no computer knowledge and the ability to run
popular Windows-based programs. This will be followed by the
final version due out later in the year. For more information

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