April 19, 2002

Michael's Minutes: What is Click-N-Run?

LindowsOS Sneak Preview 2 debuted last week and a lot of you have sent
me questions about Click-N-RunT (http://www.lindows.com/clicknrun), one
of the most innovative features housed in the LindowsOS Sneak Preview 2.
We're excited about Click-N-Run because we're getting closer to the day
when any computer user can experience the benefit of LinuxR.

If you want to try our Sneak Preview 2 of LindowsOS - sign-up for our
Insiders program at http://www.lindows.com/signup. Below is a list of
the most common questions I've received concerning Click-N-Run.

Michael Robertson,
CEO Lindows.com, Inc. 

Q: What is Click-N-Run?
A: Click-N-Run (http://www.lindows.com/clicknrun) is a new feature
included with LindowsOS which makes it extremely easy to customize a
LindowsOS computer with programs for a wide variety of tasks. LindowsOS
comes with a web browser and an email program, enough to get users
started, however, most people will require more software to fully
maximize their PC. Click-N-Run makes it easy to load business,
education, entertainment or other categories of software, by making it a
straightforward point-and-shoot process. 

Q: How does Click-N-Run make software loading easy? 
A: Normally, finding software for your computers means visiting multiple
stores or web sites trying to find software that interests you. Then,
there's multi-step installation and registration process, which can be
slow and cumbersome. Newer products from Microsoft require a
40-digit-activation code. Click-N-Run puts a warehouse of software all
in one place with an easy-to-use interface to browse. A simple mouse
click on the Click-N-Run button will download and install the software,
so it's ready to run on your computer. 

Q: What kind of software programs are in the Click-N-Run warehouse? 
A: There will be a wide variety of high quality software programs in the
warehouse. In fact, a user with LindowsOS may be able to save hundreds
of dollars by taking advantage of the low or no-cost software programs
available via Click-N-Run, compared to what they are use to paying. The
publisher determines the cost of the software, if any. Many of the
programs are available for free. Other software programs may have a
charge associated with them. 

Q: Are only Lindows.com software products available? 
A: Our goal at Lindows.com is not to develop or publish software titles,
but to empower publishers to make their programs available. Lindows.com
has selected a couple of high quality software programs to use as an
illustration, see our warehouse http://www.lindows.com/warehouse.

Q: How can I try Click-N-Run?
A: Click-N-Run is available to all of our Insiders for testing. We've
made it very easy to run LindowsOS on the same machine running Microsoft
Windows 98, so it's easy to install and try out. Once you're running
LindowsOS, simply double-click on the Click-N-Run icon on your desktop
or visit http://www.lindows.com/warehouse. Please note, LindowsOS and
Click-N-Run are not in their final form, but they should work well
enough that users can get a feel for the technology and visualize the
general direction we're headed toward. If you're interested in trying
LindowsOS and providing us with feedback, please sign-up as an Insider

Q: Do I need to have LindowsOS to browse the software programs available
through Click-N-Run? 
A: Any user with a web browser can peruse the Warehouse by visiting:
(http://www.lindows.com/warehouse).  In order to use Click-N-Run to
install programs, users must install LindowsOS.

Q: Are there Microsoft Windows compatible software programs or Linux
software programs in the Warehouse? 
A: There will be both Microsoft Windows compatible software programs and
Linux software available in the Click-N-Run Warehouse. Generally, most
software titles will be Linux based. However, because LindowsOS can run
some software programs written for Microsoft Windows operating systems
some Microsoft Windows based programs may appear in the Warehouse. All
software programs are designed to install in the same easy manner
through Click-N-Run (http://www.lindows.com/clicknrun). 

Q: How many programs are in the Click-N-Run Warehouse?
A: There are a handful of software programs available today in the
Warehouse. Our hope is that this number will greatly expand as we build
the publisher (http://publish.lindows.com) interface. 

Q: Who can be a publisher?
A: Any individual or company is eligible sign-up as a publisher and make
software available via the Warehouse. There is no cost to sign up. We're
working on the online forms to signup and load software. We expect these
documents to be completed by early May 2002. You can get on our mailing
list to be notified about this feature when it's complete by signing up
to our mailing list (http://www.lindows.com/mailing).

Q: Will Lindows.com decide which software programs are made available in
the Warehouse? 
A: Any software title that's legally sound and able to pass a simple
quality assurance test, to make sure it works with LindowsOS, is
eligible to be published. 

Q: Why is Click-N-Run a positive development for computer owners?
A: By making available a wide range of software choices in an
easy-to-install manner, users will be able to affordably tailor their
computer to perform the tasks they want it to. There is a growing world
of affordable high quality software programs that aren't found in stores
and can save people hundreds of dollars. We'll do our best to make these
programs available via the Click-N-Run Warehouse.

Bringing choice to your computer! 

Lindows.com has just released a Sneak Preview 2 of LindowsOS to a select
group of Insiders. The Sneak Preview is not a fully completed product
but showcases many of the unique features such as a "Friendly-Install"
alongside an existing Microsoft Windows operating system, a streamlined
installation process which requires no computer knowledge and the
ability to run popular Windows-based programs. For more information see

Click here (http://www.lindows.com/signup) to become a Lindows.com

To read previous Michael's Minutes, visit http://www.lindows.com/mm.

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