June 12, 2001

Micro Sharp Technologies releases Netule Web Module

Author: JT Smith

Don Somppi writes, Micro Sharp Technology, Inc. a technology provider of thin server solutions today announced the release of Netule Web Module I (WM-I). WM-I is a robust, thin server solution that allows you to simply, predictably and cost effectively meet your Web server needs in the shorter period of time.

"In talking with many of our customers, we found that there was a growing need for a quick and inexpensive way to deploy Web Servers in small to mediums sized businesses. Using the same software technology we used in our previous Netule products, we were able get a full featured, Linux Web server online and ready to roll in about two hours instead of a few days to perform this task," stated Dave Mandel Product Manager of the Netule line of products. "We also saw the demand for the ability to remotely administer the system on-the-fly and monitor usage without having to interrupting the daily flow of business."

WM-I is based on Linux, an extremely powerful, stable and reliable UNIX like operating system. Linux is easy to upgrade and offers a true multi-tasking solution. Linux servers have been known to be up for hundreds of days, unlike other operating systems used in business applications today. Based on Apache technology, currently used by nearly 60% of all web servers, WM-I is bundled with PostgreSQL and MySQL relational databases. WM-I is a dedicated web server ensuring less down-time and fewer problems. Python, Perl, PHP, FrontPage extensions and File Transfer Protocol are supported by WM-I.

WM-I provides built in security features that block intruders from your crucial
data. Only web browsers capable of secure connections may access WM-I. WM-I
supports SSL file transfer to provide the highest standard in Internet security.

WM-I uses Webalizer analyzing tools to provide you with extensive compiled statistics
concerning the number of "hits" on your web site, what people are viewing and when
they accessed the site. WM-I makes it easy to redirect traffic, create custom error
messages, and create web site aliasing.

Netule products are available through the Micro Sharp Technology distribution channel.

Since 1994, Micro Sharp Technology has been providing business computing solutions to
Consultants, IT professionals and end users. As business needs have changed, Micro Sharp Technology has evolved from a systems and component distributor to a complete solutions provider supplying hardware, systems integration, consulting, remote monitoring and the Netule Server line of products.

Micro Sharp Technology is Headquartered at 1201 SE Tech Center Drive #170, Vancouver, WA 98683. Tel: 360-260-2066, FAX: 360-260-2906. www.netule.com.

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