September 14, 2003

MicroSCOff buys MundrakeSoft installation advertising

- by David "cdlu" Graham -
MundrakeSoft has announced an exclusive advertising contract with MicroSCOff for its 9.2 Edition.

MicroSCOff has agreed to pay MundrakeSoft $24,000 for "Installation advertising + bookmarks + screen
saver advertising (download version only) + 6 months visibility on default page."

The advertising will be phased into MundrakeSoft Linux 9.2 Edition's downloadable version over the next few weeks. Because MicroSCOff purchased the largest package available from MundrakeSoft, MundrakeSoft's first-come, first-serve system will prevent any other businesses from advertising in this version of their distribution. MicroSCOff's advertising contract is therefore exclusive.

The installation ad will consist of a Windows 2003 installation splash screen, along with the message "Preparing to start your computer for the first time ..."

The default page in MundrakeSoft's default web browser will be How to Remove Linux and Install Windows on Your Computer, and the bookmarks will be Windows Update, How to Remove Linux and Install Windows XP, and MicroSCOff's home page.

MicroSCOff has produced a screen saver that will remind download users of MundrakeSoft's software that they need a Linux Intellectual Property license from the SCO

"We are pleased with this opportunity," Mark Yamboti, MicroSCOff' marketing director, said. "It will give us a chance to prove that we mean no harm to the Linux community, and that we support competition in this industry."

MundrakeSoft welcomes the contract. Gilles Duval, a MundrakeSoft spokesperson, called it "a triumph for MundrakeSoft," and "proof that MicroSCOff supports Linux."

"Using innovative and progressive moves such as this," continued Mr. Duval, "Linux distributions can all become profitable."


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