November 24, 2003

"Microsoft is Afraid," Says KDE's Staikos

One of the most interesting reports on COMDEX yet to surface comes from George Staikos, core developer and promoter of the Linux-based desktop KDE -
one of the 6 winners of an O'Reilly competition to send 6 open source projects to COMDEX.

The prize was a timeshare, if you will, of a small podium in the "Open Source Innovation Center," but that was plenty for KDE, Staikos writes, at the
KDE site.

"Among the visitors to the KDE booth were CIOs, CEOs, VPs and presidents of major companies and smaller businesses, students, hobbyists, journalists,
and professionals," he writes.

"I was stunned to see executives from Fortune 500 companies coming by for a demo of KDE, saying that it was their favorite desktop and that they hope
that we continue to do such a good job so they can adopt KDE for desktop deployments in the future," Staikos continues.


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