September 6, 2003

Microsoft and Be, Inc. reach agreement to settle lawsuit

Anonymous Reader writes "Remember the Be lawsuit against Microsoft? The lawsuit alleged that Microsoft harmed Be through a series of illegal exclusionary and anticompetitive acts designed to maintain its monopoly in the Intel-compatible PC OS market and created exclusive dealing arrangements with PC OEMs prohibiting the sale of PCs with multiple preinstalled operating systems. Pretty much what MS does today to Linux vendors! Be and MS announced that they have reached a mutually acceptable mediated settlement, and that MS will pay up Be $23+ million, but it 'admits no wrongdoing.' It was important for this case to get to the courts, as it could have served as a base case against MS in possible future lawsuits from Linux or other OS developers who can't penetrate the PC market because of similar MS anticompetitive business practices. Plus, that 'admits no wrongdoing' really sounds sour, especially for those who have read Scot Hacker's "Bootloader Issue"."


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