August 25, 2004

Microsoft-funded report affected decision

OwlWhacker writes "A report carried out by Capgemini was the clincher in the decision by the London Borough of Newham to scrap its plans last year to switch to Linux on the desktop. However, the report was funded by Microsoft, an official says.

According to Capgemini, solving the Borough's IT problems the Microsoft way had the potential to save it US$5.9 million over the next five years, versus a saving of just $2.9 million for the Linux solution.

"During the 12-week assessment, Capgemini compared costs, business benefits and risk profiles of a Microsoft solution comprising Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office System on the desktop and Microsoft Windows Server 2003. The evaluations led the Borough to choose a Microsoft solution over an Open Source alternative as its best overall value option", according to a statement from Microsoft and Newham."


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