February 5, 2001

Microsoft has 15 questions for Sun

Author: JT Smith

From LinuxGram: "The psychological warfare has started already.

Monday, February 5, Sun is supposed to wade into the web services arena with a reportedly thin and vaporous scheme that it's code
named Jupiter and refers to generically as Smart Services (CSN No 386, 385).

Microsoft, which already has its own confusing and vaporous web services scheme called .NET, a long-term strategy that it's organizing
the whole company behind, will be lying in wait in the bushes for Sun to make its appearance armed with cudgels to beat Jupiter to a pulp.

We are after all talking about the future of the Internet here, the next shift in the software business - and, oh yes, right, the future of the two
combatants as well so it looks like it's going to full-scale war."

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